Painful throat & tiger cubs

Just joined in, but I'm on the games for a while now :)
I'm mostly done with Horde II, but for 2 quests.
I miss 1 of the cubs bones in black sands (got 2 out if cave holes)....and no clue about how to swallow that sword !

Anyone manages these ?

Great game, can't hardly stop playing 😁
Cheers !


  • ....well, I found Rafi at the Oasis if Three Wells and gave him black his stolen sword.

    That's one more completed :)
  • ...and found the last piece if black bone, walking over 1 of the cracks in the floor.

    I thought I searched everywhere here already....and marked all the places I searched...and managed to miss one 😅
  • Post and ye shall find. Welcome! :smile:

  • Yep, I wonder how many time I've seen this comment 😉.
    That truth should be carved in stone (rocks ?)
    Glad I joined, cool community here :)
    I'll be around !
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