Hello and Thank you

Hello everyone ☺️, I'm an experienced 'The Quest' adventurer from Singapore and I have been playing with 'The Quest' and its expansions for months now, and I love everyone of its games so much. 😄❤️

I haven been looking up on both this forum and Redshift forum for guides and hints regarding with tackling some of the scenarios within the games itself and I've decided to join in this community to learn more of the guides as well as to help/share tips for the games itself. ☺️

I wanted to say a big 'Thank You' to Catacomber, Zarista Games, the Beta testers and all associates that's involved with the development of the amazing expansions of 'The Quest' for all their hard work and dedication for creating new and exciting adventures for 'The Quest' franchise. 😄

Do please keep up the good work on developing more 'The Quest' expansions in the future! I'll be rooting for all of you! ✌️😉👍


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