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  • Less than one minute after I posted this comment, I found the switch to the Columbarium Key on the eastern side.
  • I read through the other posts for this expansion and got the answer. This quest can only be failed. I have completed the entire quest list. Thanks for another great expansion. Looking forward to Basilisk's Eye.
  • Is there any way to NOT fail this quest. I have the corpse, aqua vitae, and the shock staff. I don't know how to actually place the corpse in the coffin from my inventory, nor how to actually sprinkle the aqua vitae on the coffin. So, I just hit th…
  • Dame Glug - I tried the spells in the post above, and each battle turn her health is only reduced by 1% or so. Is the battle supposed to be like that? If so, this is going to take a long time, particularly since I am an archer and have been avoidi…
  • Moments after I posted the question, I got the Kill Field Mice quest and the Mouse Masher. I assume this will take care of my problem.
  • Where do I find Toby's Sword?
  • I understand. I didn't mean for you to spend any time on this. I just thought you or someone else might know. Thank you for this forum. It's a great resource.
    in Need Better Bow Comment by Joe99 April 1
  • Which shop keepers in which expansions can enchant that high? I know I can also learn the enchant spell and do it myself, but I was just wondering if there were any NPCs who could do it.
  • I agree with DadSal. When areas have no mapping, I just have to map them manually on paper. It is just a time consuming task that serves no questing purpose, since I still end up with a map, just in a more tedious way. Please provide mapping in a…
    in No Mapping Comment by Joe99 March 25
  • Where in Celtic Doom can I get Cupid's Bow, and what are it's stats?
  • Found her. I had to talk to someone in Ezersk Underground first.
  • I must be missing a step. I have the Everlasting Mana Charger. I talked to Mr. Tannik, and he says talk to Silvergirl. I talk to Silvergirl, and she says to deliver the Mana Charger to Princess Vasilisa. When I go to the alcove you circled at ni…
  • Which alcove? I walked around Ezersk - North End all night (10:00 PM to 6:00 AM) and never saw the lady. I have the Mana Charger from Strah Mountains and already talked to Silvergirl.
  • How about bows and crossbows that are not already enchanted? I prefer to enchant gear myself.
  • I have the light crossbow available from the blacksmith in Eldfell (Ice & Fire). Base damage is 30-40, and it uses bolt quivers, rather than arrows. I know there are more powerful bows and crossbows in other expansions, I just can't remember wh…
  • Can someone provide a list of all the Skill Trainers in Macha's Quest and their maximum training level? Thanks.
    in Skill trainers Comment by Joe99 May 2018