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  • You need to talk to Kamber in his room. He's on a door and you need to free Malin. You freed Mymbyr, now Malin. If you throw that switch you should remove the pillar. I thought your problem was the traps. That's why I suggested potions. Did you g…
  • If you have an amulet you should be good to go in Kamber's Stronghold. That's what Donn says to you but what does Pirate Dedman say to you?
  • Wait for Caerworn Castle which should be out very soon. Working on HOLIV. Kamber is on a door in his Chambers. Are you sure you talked to him? If you did, you'd have to go back,to an earlier save file because you might have a glitch. There's …
  • Are you talking about Macha's Curse? Or Islands of Ice and Fire? If Ice and Fire, you need to ask in the Redshift Forum. They made a lot of changes to Ice and Fire and I'm not familiar with it anymore.
  • Please don't post the same question in more than one thread. : ) For Mymbyr: You have to free Malin and talk to Kamber in his Stronghold before he'll reveal their plan. Calm the dragon: The Red Dragon is in a cave beneath the Cairns of Breho…
  • For Mymbyr: You have to free Malin and talk to Kamber in his Stronghold before he'll reveal their plan. Calm the dragon: The Red Dragon is in a cave beneath the Cairns of Brehon. It's called the Red Dragon's Cave. He's in the north of it and the …
  • It feels warm and fuzzy. : ) Should be out soon.
  • There's a secret switch here. : )
  • I can't say when HOLIV will be done. I have to do the HD graphics and add new quests and test of course. Before the end of this year. Road map for 2019? Celtic Doom, then new expansion that takes place in the area of the Andaman Islands. Very …
  • Lots of ghosts and demons. Starting to work on Hero of Lukomorye IV.
  • Just sent the file to Elendil. It's in Redshift's hands now.
  • This is something you'd have to ask Elendil at Redshift. I think there's a way to copy your save files to a PC. There might be a way to email yourself your saves. It's something to discuss with him.
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  • You can buy it from the Magister of Magic but you might have to camp out outside his door for a bit as the frequency of its appearance there is 5 as opposed to 10. He's in Cymbria Village.
  • No. It just resets the mobs and sometimes if you have some kind of glitch, sometimes it unglitches things. Or, if I make a change to a game after release to add something that is not in your memory, then you can see or interact with that. A good …
  • Take the teleporter in the east in the main room to a room where, if you step on a crack with the Diamond Revealing Scroll in your backpack, you'll remove a wall and find it.
  • You need Personality of at least 45.
  • Getting there.
  • Am enjoying living in the Caerworn Castle world. Hope you do too. Tried to make it beautiful and dangerous.
  • Hurrying. The HD versions have new material and are slightly different in some ways. There's no exactly the same. Many still enjoy the classic versions.
  • Almost finished testing. : )
  • It's the cow on the right as you enter. Use the spells in the order mentioned above.
  • It should be The Quest Isle. Entry from Mithria. If you still don't see it, you should write and ask that question.
  • You can't kill the sick cow. You should do what I mentioned. Cast calm, detectmind, then drainmana. She's in the barn. There are no mad cows near her. She's in the Mideast of the barn.
  • Let it go,for now. It's a side quest. At some point, you could try sleeping in an inn 21 Days to reset the game and see if Two Brows is more responsive. But you'll also respawn a lot of monsters.
  • The code is all the same on PC and mobile. Perhaps you missed killing one of the reanimated skeletons? There are seven.
  • Wal; around at night in the northwest of Ezersk North End until you see a lady. She'll help you. She only appears at night. She's in a little alcove in the northwest.
  • Yes, it's under Pogan Island. There's a hole which becomes visible after you talk to Alice in the City of Heroes. You get to Kozney's Trap from Kozney's Inner Lair. You get to Kozney's Inner Lair from Kozney's Lair. You get to Kozney's Lair from …
  • Since you started playing with the switches, switch them all up to reset them. Then switch on the southwestern switch, then the mid northern switch, then the southeastern switch, then the northwestern switch, then the mid southern switch, then the n…
  • The boat back is in the far southeast of the Reefs that you get to from Kilfe's Bay. It will always take you back to Pirate Island. You might be in the wrong spot. You could be at one of the ships that you looted.