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  • The two dragons guarding the bank can be killed.
  • That's from Hero of Lukomorye II. Imran in Redshift University gives it to you as long as you follow his orders not to read the spell book Destruction. If you read the book and learn the spell, he won't reward you.
  • Sometimes on mobile that's what it takes. I don't know why.
  • Hit the door with your weapon at night.
  • Yes, as long as you buy the games that get embedded in the Quest and don't buy the standalone versions. The standalone versions don't allow you to carry over anything.
  • Yay! I figured that was it because you can't talk to Manager Seamus about the idol until you return the idol to Mokoshka and get the quest to bring him the idol. : ) The usual culprit is storage.
  • Should be released the end of June. Already done. Thanks.
  • You're supposed to go back to Mokoshka before you give the idol to Seamus. No one else reported a problem with this as far as I know. I can give the idol to Phredd to sell in HOLIII. Do you have the Veteran Cyclops Ring Manager Seamus gave you as…
  • You can't use an old save file from the Classic version to play the HD version. You have to play the Quest over so you can level up to play the expansions, each start at a different level. Is that what you meant? If you play the standalone versions,…
  • You can see where to find your abilities in the pic attached. You can't enter that cave until you've killed the Tiger in the lefthand room, gotten all of the sword updates from Repulsa and have just one---drop more than one--Cure Mad Tiger potion…
  • I'm confused. Which quest can't you solve? It sounds like you solved Mokoshka's quest by bringing her the idol. But she doesn't take it away. She tells you to bring it to Seamus. The weapon you need to equip to smash the statue and lift the curse f…
  • You may have a mobile glitch and need to go back to an earlier save file. What does the Chieftain say to you? If you have the two Golden Looms, the fairy thanks you and lets you keep one. and gives you the Weaving Ability. She says you can use he…
  • From Rubezyhe Forest. Speak to Efanda there. She'll tell you 'Why don't you investigate. I'm a friend of the forest spirit Erofeich. He told me that you might come by with his special key and that you might be a high level warrior ready for a test.…
  • Is this the Classic version or the HD version? The quest is: 'For Brian Clenchfist, lord of Castle Caradoc, bring him two chests of Formorian pirate treasure. Talk to Edwin his bailiff to find out the location of the pirates and how to track down…
  • Jaako says ' I remember hiding it away in a transport device here somewhere.' The sack of gold is hidden in a red teleporter in the Mideast. You can only kill the Chieftain if you don't agree to kill Tara for him. Is he still peaceful or aggress…
  • See the walkthrough for Kill Kamber, a book you can buy in the game: "To enter his castle, you'll need two items: the Eye of Fire from King Locrinus in Castle Crest and the Death Stars from the Oracle Spider in her home behind Kamber's Castle. Yo…
  • Yes, but I had to tweak the casino. It's run by Mafia bosses. I don't think you'll be able to clean up as much as before.
  • I still go after the pirates. : )
  • Voila! ^^
  • Wow! I thought I'd never see you again. You'll find yourself in Hero of Lukomorye II (Redshift University) and in Hero of Lukomorye III, coming next (in The Floating University). : ) If these were quests from our expansions, I could help you. I…
  • Those are actually Redshift's expansions and there is no method built into the editor to remove them. So I can't help you with those. Welcome to the forum. Are you the Imran who tested our early games or a different Imran. Either way, welcome.
  • Not a place to go if you keep only one save file. : )
  • Stormy Seas--
  • There's no problem as long as you can handle the monsters. : ) Congratulations on getting that far. There is some gear at the beginning that might help you.
  • It's sellable but there's no harm because you can buy it. : ) I do that with a lot of items because people are often losing things. This way if the item is sellable, they can get it again. It means Elendil doesn't have to do so many updates to …
  • It's not sellable. It's on a shelf behind a locked gate in Lord Gorum's Keep. You have to go to work for Lord Gorum to get the key. Phredd also sells St. Aidan's Cross if you got it and lost it or stashed it somewhere.
  • The Blue Fairy is in that area and to talk to her about Permission, you need the quest to Gather Flowers: For the Wise Woman of Foggy Islands, gather 10 each of Red Madder, Yellow Weld and Blue Woad flowers. You also need Outfit points greater tha…
  • I answered your question in the other thread you posted about this.
  • Talk to the Wind Spirit in Lady Lataste's Home. You get there from Village of Sarties.
  • The gate on the left requires the Green Keeper's Key. The gate on the right requires the Gray Keeper's Key. Here is the same map with the keys named.