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  • I figured that one out. It is the next room with the 3 witches - Thisbe, Sukie and a 3 rd. Nothing seems to work
  • Thanks!
  • Tried sleeping. It brought back 6 Seoulbreakers but did nothing for fixing the issue. I am hoping I’m not out of luck.
  • Thanks Cat. I was referring to the small door in the center of the map saying “no answer”. The parchment text has not changed since I first entered the dungeon - pic attached. Despite killing all skeletons and pushing 6 buttons. I guess it is …
  • Thanks for trying. Hoping Cat has some suggestions.
  • Yes. Tried all teleporters. One does indeed lead to the separate area on the bottom. Can’t remember if I had to pick any locks but have opened all available doors except for the one I am standing next to. The room in the very center on the map has a…
  • You are standing in the area I can’t get into as it requires pushing switches/killing sceletons. I have attached my map below with 5 of 6 switches marked with the green pen - the 6th is in the area below the edge of the map on the bottom.
  • The message when you touch the door says six switches. I have found 4 teleporters in the main area 3 of which just send you to a different part of the main area. The 4 th sends you to a hidden room with the 6th switch. Am I missing a hidden wall?
  • I am completely stuck in the Enclave as well. Have found and hit all Six switches and killed all sceletons. Still nothing. Btw the place where you are supposed to track progress does not show any. Just original language around “you can track your pr…