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  • thank you. One other question. I am trying to solve the "Rescue a witch" quest and am unable to locate the figurine. I have tapped every wall and hit every wall to no avail. I am currently standing next to a green wall adjacent to the "Be mindful" s…
    in spinach Comment by tkdaly November 2
    in Dram Castle Comment by tkdaly July 13
  • Aah, the Death Stars. Forgot about those. Thank you
    in Castle kamber Comment by tkdaly May 21
  • Sounds good. Will do both. Really appreciate the assistance and the effort in creating this story.
  • Here is what I see and also the message I get when tapping it
  • Apologies for the confusion. I have solved the pasofybthe spirit quest. The area I am struggling with (and maybe I did not fully explore the “under the lake” area is attached. I am in this area by entering the well adjacent to finnu
  • Thanks. I assume the lever is in a location other than the well. Is that correct?
  • Thanks for the hint. I was able to get through
    in Cat Comment by tkdaly March 15
  • Got it. Thanks.
    in Bone scryer Comment by tkdaly March 15
  • Wow. Let’s go with a heavy weapon. Your choice on any bonuses. Thank you for all of your hard work.
  • Thank you. Got the quest to rescue the pirate queen and sharpen a sword. I met the Druid and he asked for gems, which I provided. He gave me a sharpening stone and said I needed to train. I had him train me, and now neither he nor the pirate queen s…