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  • To rescue Malin you need a Whisk-away-wand. For Kamber I think you get a key from someone just before the very end (probably after rescuing the boys?)
  • Brilliant thank you! Goodness knows how I missed that square. Possibly I was walking on the water squares thinking she was in there. I probably passed it by half a dozen times!
  • Thanks! There’s a green rock there with Undine under it, but I still can’t find Rusha.
  • You know what more quests means, don't you? More work for you answering my endless requests for help in the forum!
  • Oh goodness no I would never expect that to be done for existing games. In some ways it's kind of a feature, part of the challenge. I have made myself some annotated maps (offline - or I use Notes on my iPhone) to keep track.
  • Great that sounds perfect. A level or two higher shouldn't pose a problem
  • You have more than repaid any help I gave back then! I honestly have no idea how I managed to work those games out, they were SO hard! I like to think I'm getting better at Quest expansions but I know I can still be so clueless I updated the pa…
  • I rather like starting from scratch, or I end up so godlike that it's a bit of a breeze. If you could see my Storage Room, which includes dozens of items with Superior Enchantability plus my Enchanting Outfit, which gives me 500+ Env Magic and 3000+…
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  • I started Macha's Curse at Level 39 (after Luk II) and I finished at Level 47. GREAT game!!!
  • Omigod - it was just sitting there, on a shelf. All this time! I had managed to figure out all that other stuff, and kill loads of nasty critters in the western area, but somehow I entirely missed picking up anything on that shelf! Thank you x…
  • Wonderful! Thank you. He's all happy now
  • Found him! Thank you so much. He's a really pretty wolf too Now wondering if we'll get pets in Quest 2...
  • Feed the wolf - For the Poisonous Wolf, Dundalk, feed him a Drizzle of Poison Potion. I haven't managed to find the Poisonous Wolf anywhere in Dundalk (unless I managed to kill him or something). I have got a Drizzle of Poison potion.
  • Just to confirm, I also only get the "You can't see any method of opening this gate" message. I'm playing on iPhone. I don't appear to have any quests associated with it, so I don't know if that's an issue?
  • I finally found them: it turns out that even though I had visited Macha, I hadn't picked up her quest. Weird, I know! The hellhound key drops regardless, but the drain and the fern don't drop unless you have the quest.
  • Thanks so much for your help anyway! I'm hoping Catacomber can drop by to let us know the exact locations, so I can figure out if it's me being useless or a bug. 99.9999% of the time it's me being useless at finding stuff
  • @Aeon said: Now I recalled there and I'm sure that it is a small red plant/ bush just 3 steps from your blue arrow (your position). When I tapped it, I received third key number 6 which allowed me to enter Hell' s mouth. Thanks. Unfortuna…
  • No luck finding a brown bush. Perhaps I'm in the wrong area entirely? There is an intriguing looking sewer-grate in the north-west corner, but it's barred.
  • The sign says: "You need three keys that together form an evil number" So I found one key that's Number 6. Phredd also sells a Number 6 key. I figure a third would make 666 somehow - but I can't find any more, I've been tapping like a mad woodpec…
  • @Aeon said: No, you need just one key with 3 hellish numbers... Any tips on where to find it? I just have "Key Number Six" which Phredd in the same area also sells.
  • I’m stuck getting into the Hell Mouth. Apparently you need three numbered keys, but I’ve only found one.
  • Oh god I wasn't expecting a reward for a typo!
  • One of them has two dialogue options, and the second one (possibly if you have a specific sword?) should lead to the exchange-with-wax option.
  • I noticed some of these things, nothing game breaking yet. I actually thought the enemies-not-crossing thing was a feature, and I rather liked it!
  • By the way - I can't check as I overwrote the save - but I think there may be a typo in the Fire Demon's words. I think he tells you that his sword is in the Arena of Flames when it should be Ice. The quest log information is fine, it was simply his…
  • I think we’ve all tried this. First the southern switch (which also removes the wall to the bubble). The northern switch remains unresponsive. I’ve also already tried turning the southern switch back off and on. EDIT just tried again - y…
  • Thanks! I’m not stuck in there fortunately, I just can’t get back inside the Fire area currently. Paging Catacomber! (I vowed I was going to do as much of this as possible without bugging Cat for endless help, but here I am already!)
  • I guess I could reload from an earlier save and try the Arena of Fire again, and not let out the unkillables so early.