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  • It is like I need to do something to trigger Donn to give me a different response. Both princes are together in the Enclave. Mymbyr keeps saying "We are thinking of a plan but haven't fully formulated it. Go on with your missions." When I freed the …
  • I haven't got the amulet yet. Why do I need a lot of health potions and stone skin in providence trap? You can walk through all and only take one after you get through all of them at the pillar, I still haven't moved.
  • Find Donn and come back to me with a token he's appeased.
  • (Cheer up) the ball pleases me but I would like a ask it some very personal questions now, please leave us alone. When iI pull the lever it says "not happen" even the first time. I talked to Kamber in his castle. I think he said he was going to …
  • Sorry Cat. I bought the Puzzle Ball and went back to Dedman and got no new reply from him ro Donn. Also Kamber's commander is the only person in the stronghold besides the few fighters. I've been to the pillar that blocks the path to i assume the Me…
  • I can't get Mymbyr to say nothing more than to come back later. The only three quest I have in my list is Calm the dragon which I can't find and the invisibility spell which I can't get past the trap in the Province of Conjurers. And lastly Appease …
  • So I can't get it tell the crypt is done. I understand that I have to get Alice done before the hole will appear. Greatly appreciated.