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  • I did try the casino/dragon fighting but said something something about Have to 50 I dont recall the was a typo. I interpreted it as must be lvl 50. Came back at 50 and nothing,no sign, no cha ching nothing. The slots I think paid out 10k.…
  • Care to reveal your favorite cash/gem/item spot? Like Mad Dwarfs drop 20000, luko 1 find the amulet cave gems on floor. Cave of the ascetics for items. My favorite is Malachite hills Sphinxs67leveler and Hibarki village.
  • There goes the billionaire club...
  • It's still awesome to have high Mercantile. The cost of items does go down and resale does go up.
  • Thank you.
  • Is there something I might be able to do to increase the amount. I have said no to their question I can only pay 90000 and get asked the same question again. I have high personality, appraise, and persuasion. Does outfit points help. Any recommendat…
  • Thank you.
  • Use lethal eloquence for scrolls not lokis. My bad.
  • Yeah,one those momentary lapse of reason you regret later.
  • Thank you. Found Loki. Always the last place you look. Also perfect for 8000 scrolls lvl 100 almost 5000 gold.
  • Looking for the spell book to learn Lokis Mage spell. Obviously missed something somewhere. Found Awe. I seem to recall you could buy it like 11k. Suggestions...much appreciated.
  • Thank you. Standing in wrong spot. The dialogue didn't show for as many times as I tried. When you indicated spot it worked. But...passed that spot numerous times and nothing.
  • I seem to have lost the flame thrower. I know I qot it from vyk the giant but I cannot burn the boats. Vyk obviously doesn't give another, can it be bought? Phred doesn't sell it.
  • When I tried the same thing with the mantle of moist being it wouldn't enchant and also says not wearable.
  • Thank you.
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  • Yes. I visited Tarzina early on got her quest bring news, talk to general bellmore for direction. I already delivered supplies could not directions from general bellmore. I completed pretty much everything else and still couldn't get directions. Whe…
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