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  • Isn’t that the was it goes? I just tried walking forward a couple of times more and the hole disappeared😸
  • Cat, I’m in the Brass Horn Cave, up the stairs in the arena of pain. I’ve destroyed all of the columns I can, but nothing kills Reaper, Despair, or Frost King. Please help.
  • Thank you
  • Update- looks as if I’ve killed that chalk skelly but still can’t get past pillars. Not sure if I need to or not?
  • Ok thank you.
  • Ok thanks. I got to the arena in the brass horn’s cave I think. I appreciate your help
  • How did you get her to follow you? She just bites me lol
  • Thank you. Now that I’m a few levels higher I’m finding more
  • Thanks anyway. I found it .. not sure what I did differently- just left the 4th D for a few days and came back. Found it on a shelf 😬
  • I cleared out all of the monsters and found the globe but when I tapped it a large dialogue box came up and I missed what it said. I went on to the other places but every time I try to actually steel the globe (tap it) it just says something about i…
  • @Catacomber said: You can't use an old save file from the Classic version to play the HD version. You have to play the Quest over so you can level up to play the expansions, each start at a different level. Is that what you meant? If you play the…
  • I’m pretty sure she’s in Cloud Castle on the west side. Jenny the maid and the chef are in that castle, too.
  • Well, crud. Thanks for the help but sleeping 21 times didn’t reset the game. I must have waited too long to try and finish all of the quests. I’m going to have to abandon Cursed Stoned and just play the newer HD games. Question: if I buy the new HD …
  • Here’s the small cave I have
  • Thank you. I’ll try those things. Can you post the pic of where to see abilities you mentioned? Also, I don’t have the tiger’s room on the right side- I just have the room with Viyakula Bijalee in it. I’ve tapped everywhere. How do I get that second…
  • Edit: when I attack Chieftan it says I shouldn’t attack because he may have something to say or something for me to do
  • Hello again and thank you once more. Looms: I looked everywhere I could think of to see if I have the weaving ability and I can’t find it. I looked under the “?” and in all of my magical abilities. Repulsa: I have the Eye of Tiger amulet and m…
  • I appreciate your help. I solved the blood money quest but something is not right. —I don’t have the “kill Tara” quest in the solved or active or failed files. The chieftain is peaceful. —I have two looms but there is no reaction from the stat…