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  • Virtually rich man...:-)
  • Just answer the riddless and move on with necessary items (found nearby).
  • Ok, thanks. Forgot to solve these two corridors with holes at the beginning.
    in Phredd... Comment by Aeon November 24
  • Is definitely worth of having previous expansions enabled. One example for all: you can have repaired your gears very cheap there...
    in Bread Comment by Aeon November 23
  • Can you recall to any other expansion and visit another shops? Also, lot of bread is laying on the ground on many places in Caerworn.
    in Bread Comment by Aeon November 23
  • This particular dungeon is one of nicest in the game. Liked it very much (concept and philosophy)
    in Sunken lake Comment by Aeon November 23
  • Try to sleep few times in front of her shop.
    in spinach Comment by Aeon November 23
  • Yes, some strange character (maybe in Pokoygrad- do not remember exactly) asks for it in some dialog and offers you something valuable for it.
  • Ooook, that makes sense. I do not recall this scene completely, but probably I' ve killed him as you describe...
  • Finished all quests from Caerworn right now. I want to thank Cat and all developers of this fantastic series/ expansions of Quest. Great job on all sides (graphic, story line, quests, new monsters, ideas and atmosphere). For me personally I consider…
  • @Catacomber said: Mother Nesta in Crymlyn Village sells it but its chance of showing up is one out of ten so you might have to camp out. One of the traders also sells it, That's true also in the base game and any expansion, the chance of its sho…
    in Make Soup Comment by Aeon November 20
  • Thanks Cat. Been looking also at various herbalists from base game and other expansions through recall, but no luck...but it should be as well in Caerworn Castle somewhere, no?
    in Make Soup Comment by Aeon November 20
  • @Alexfkir said: Thank you, Aeon Apparently, I had to talk to that goddess-owl on a second floor of “Dreammers castle”. Now, lord Sheets is free and so I am. Great, I´m happy that I could help.
    in Eternal rest Comment by Aeon November 19
  • Congrats!
  • Do you have completed Quests Sheet´s Treasure and Question Lord Alderley? Did you talked then with his wife? I think I had similar problem, but then I talked to some more people (including Lady) also on Dreamer´s Island and then when I got back to S…
    in Eternal rest Comment by Aeon November 19
  • Look more carefully. Entrance to place where they are is really in that area of lake (not in the water). Cave maybe...?
  • Android update is out for 2 days already, which is great!
  • @Catacomber said: Blue candles sometimes hold interesting things. : ) Exactly...and for safety sake I already touch everything I see in the game, just not to miss anything..
    in Coffins Comment by Aeon November 15
  • You need Hammer of Ghouls maybe?
    in Coffins Comment by Aeon November 14
  • Thank you Cat for great support as usual.
  • I do that Bhiffy from time to time, but as you said- carried away a bit with fantastic story. But as I explained, I think that another save wouldn' t help me here as that seemed to me as a small bug. Again- dialog with him did not offer anything.
  • That is exactly my problem right now. It was a bit unhappy situation I did not understand and it is not player' s fault. I talked to wizard before I killed him, he threw me into prison where I found a wolf, but starting dialog with him did not solve…
  • High level for me please...
    in Asteroids I Comment by Aeon November 8
  • Yes, it was in the Casino and behind the hole, where at least 8 dragons to fight were. Tapping on wallpapers made you win/ lose huge amounts. So save/ load is necessery.
    in Mercantile Comment by Aeon November 6
  • Works for me well on Android.
  • @Raziel said: Hmmm, not sure if it’s just me but I can’t get Taffy the Cook to say anything except for how nice her stew is. I’m sure Old Shaman gave me the chocolates to give her but can’t see them in my inventory anymore. No problem her…
  • It is out, downloading!
  • Great news Cat, thanks!
  • So is it now in status of Google Play approval?