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  • If it's the red boulders, you need the spell iron fist
    in Sewers Comment by imran November 8
  • Is mother Nesta in one of the villages... Managed to get some from suki
    in spinach Comment by imran November 6
  • Never mind, found him
  • Snap! Same here 😁
  • Believe it or not, same here
  • Woohoo can't wait!
  • All sorted 😊
  • Found the amulet,I must have killed the gremlin and not picked up the amulet 😏 In the smoking cave, found a switch behind the no name dragon, but pressing it does nothing....
  • Killed Lambert, all done, just the two outstanding quests above 😊
  • Ive completed the free princess bebhona quest. I was looking in his chambers, when you said stronghold realised I was in the wrong place. Also, got the two following quests outstanding. Rushas sparkles, can't find the frond goblin And Craft…
  • Found the cave, so scratch that
  • How far of is careworn castle...
    in Celtic queen Comment by imran July 27
  • I believe you can also find one in a barrel near the redshift university....
    in Mana Charger Comment by imran July 26
  • You should have a lucky gem in your inventory, place it in the barrel and voila hidden street is not hidden the hidden street is not in the middle section of the city...
  • Moon crystals can be bought from Kuai, who is in Kratkosroks, north of Hibarkit village, but you need to sleep and revisit him ALOT, you can try Pokoygrad Center, where Pronyra is, in the hidden street, the sphere outside his shop gives you 5 crysta…
  • cat, what do you recommend playing during the wait for hol4, my nogur is level 48
  • When I try talking to him all he says is y..a...w..n... I think it would have been really funny if he had some witty or cheesy quips/oneliners but then that may distract from the mood of the game
  • Found him, forget hol4 or 5, let's kick his backside whilst he's in his hut lol, Also tried getting to Venet's island, can't get there via the sea 😏
  • Got a screenshot? I couldn't get there, made it right to the bottom of the map all the way to the left just as you get to the great forest but cant go further. In hibarki village, extremely south west, there a tree that you can walk through into gr…
  • when you enter the maniacal mirror room, in the top right, there is a big open room, with 1 mirror to begin with I belive, there are 4 more mirrors and 2 shelves which are activated when you step on certain bits of the floor, you need to go through …
    in Kozneys lair Comment by imran July 15
  • The hole in the ground in pogan island leads to the maniacal room, which in turn leads to kozneys lair
    in Kozneys lair Comment by imran July 15
  • Where mage undead line is, there are three rooms, next to him, the blueprints are in there,one in each room but you need three keys to gain entrance to the three rooms. I can't remember 100% but I think you get a key each from killing some undead or…
    in Blueprints Comment by imran July 14
  • What's the description of the quest, Ive just checked my completed quest cant find the one you mentioned, can find one for hol2....
    in Blueprints Comment by imran July 14
  • I believe the knife is on the ground in the north of miller village. Just above opta the jeweler, next to a haystack
    in Bibigon Knife Comment by imran July 14
  • I could be wrong, but I think you are supposed to go back and forth on the floor switch, does it display a message saying you are doing something wrong, of it does then yes keep going back and forth, its what I did....
    in Dram Castle Comment by imran July 13
  • Ok...lemme see 🤨
  • Also, whilst im here, the quest, beer fairy, where you have to brew krackin good ale, love the name btw! the book says, take an old barrel, er, any old barrel? or one in particular also im missing pine leaves, any pointers....
  • hehe I have over 6mil in coins ;-) ok, so where is phredd, looked in all the towns....
  • Reverse the numbers, remember your in a mirror room, so if the sequence is 1,1,2,4 or whatever, 1 is off, 2 is off, 3 is on....
  • Behind that wall is Zmeyanas baby, but you cant remove the wall unless you have the quest Find Zmeyanas baby, which you get from Zmeyana Zmeyana is here (see screenshot below where the arrow is) Also heres a tip, if you think a wall is f…