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  • All sorted, your were right, I had the veteran Cyclops ring in storage, put it in my inventory, went to see mokoshka, she solved the quest, so all done and dusted. Now starting hol2
  • I got the quest from little spider, Mokoshka, in royal spiders silk factory. She tells me to return the idol of st nelson to manger seamus, veternal Cyclops shady rest retirement home. I have done that, given seamus the idol, when I go back to Mo…
  • Forgot to add, using a Nokia 8 Sirocco, running Android 8.1.0, security patch 1 june 2018
  • Thanks cat, found it
  • I might do that, yeah I remember the 'old' days, the quest had just started, legacy had been done, had many many months of fun beta testing the game and expansions, but don't think you had your own forums then. I even remember when I think hol got p…
  • Bummer, looks like.im.stuck with them, and yeah the original Imran the philosopher (according to the credits in legacy iirc) did most of the grammar and language in the early games , tested yours and redshifts games back in good old symbian days 😁 …