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  • The Magic Eight Ball says, "Who knows?" Porting the old expansions is always full of surprises.
  • That hole will be fixed in the next update. . You're not supposed to get there. It's the way the editor works when you set up an npc to talk to via script. You need a door that no one can get to. Enjoy him while you can. . You shouldn't be able to g…
  • You won't find her until toward the end game-after you've teleported both Bulls.
  • He disappears after he gives you the locket.
  • In some thread here, I mentioned which mirror leads you to where you need to be. Have you used the mirrors?
  • That will be fixed in the next update. But he is of minimal importance. He just drops gold and Cure Pogan Scurvy. Thanks.
  • I'll help you with that in the next update.
  • There is a hole in the ground in the southwest. You won't see it until you've visited a heroic, dead lady and given her something she wants. Pirate in the bushes has nothing to do with getting to Kozney's lair.
  • Yes, that's right. Mr. Tainnik. You have to finish all his quests and Drisdane's quest.
  • For the Magician in the southeast of Dummonia Village, to get the orb piece you nee Protection Magic skills of at least 30. Your skill levels might be the problem. For the Magician who sells potions in Village of Boscawen, to get the Orb Piece, y…
  • He's on one of the boats on the High Seas where you left him. : ) Just find the boy Hanso in the far northwest of Pogan Island who originally took you out to the High Seas and then swing from ship to ship until you find him. I would have marked t…
  • You can walk to Good Luck Island from the north of Fort Pokygrad but there's not much there.
  • Thanks, Imran, for all your help here.
  • He's on the surface in the midwest of Shores of Flame. He's an Orc. He's definitely there. Trying exploring further west as far as you can go there.
  • The three orb pieces are with the Magician in Southeast of Dummonia Village. Magista who sells potions in Village of Boscawen and the Magician in Avalonia When you bring him the three Orb pieces, you need repair skill to form them into his staff. …
  • That's how it goes. : )
  • Dr. Vlad named one of the NPC's Mercinarius on purpose. Not sure if that's where you saw it. Dr. Vlad, Liz and I often spell things differently. If you come across it, let me know. I won't be doing an update for another week probably, just to give E…
  • You need to destroy four blue columns in the lower part there.
  • To brew Krackin' Good Ale you need one item that's alcoholic, one that fortifies mana and one that fortifies intelligence.
  • The Spirit of War in Miller Village can send you to the Wasteland.
  • You can't get to Venets Island in this expansion.
  • He's with the Dark Brothers. The book is a bit of fiction. You don't need a barrel or pine leaves.
  • All you need is her permission. That's enough. To get to the shelves in your first pic, you need to drop the fairy wings from your inventory. Don't forget to pick them up again so you can fly up if you need to. I'm not exactly sure where the pill…
  • You need the quest to kill Natasha Aramova: "For Captain Taksin, Pogan Island, find Natasha Aramova and kill her. She was last seen around Dram Castle. You'll need a disguise and high stealth to sneak inside." And you need Persuasion skill of at …
  • Wow! Congratulations! : )
  • It can't be used in the HD version---but because having one is an absolute necessity to finishing the game---Phredd sells it but of course, it's gonna cost you.
  • Was trying to make it maniacal.
  • You can only kill that with the Shapeshifter's Curse Sword. You can get that weapon from one of the green skull wall decorations in the room where you landed in the Troll Witches' Domain.
  • You just haven't used the most useful mirror yet. You should investigate all the mirrors. The trick to the mirror room is to use the perimeter wisely. So if you step on the correct square and move around using the perimeter, you should be ok. …