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  • They have a one out of ten chance of appearing so you have to camp out outside the door or sleep in an inn until their inventory changes. They all have the same chance of appearing. They won't appear in gem sellers' shops as they aren't really gems.…
  • Hi, igorbuz, it's good to see you again. It's been a long time. : ) To enter the hole on Pogan Island, you need three quests: For Mr. Tainnik, Hibarki Village, talk to the wizards on the Floating University. That boat is docked in Hibarki Village. …
  • No, that's just a wall. The blue lighting at that spot makes it look different.
  • You need the Ghostbuster sword from Ghosthunter in Redshift University.
  • It's random. Keep trying. Step, save, step, save.
  • Glad you enjoyed it!
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  • No. That's his stuff and he won't let you have it. : )
  • This alcove---
  • It doesn't respawn. It can't be sold so you must have dropped or stashed it somewhere. It's called Coral Key. If you stash keys, maybe have one place specifically for keys.
  • Yes. Head through the clouds to the southeastern one first. That will take you to the western one and back. Just try to follow a path through the clouds. You can't see the path but it's there. Start east by the Cloud Giant in the Midwest. Save and s…
  • It needs more testing. Some things that were possible in the Classic version, like using Ascii symbols and a tiny graphic for invisible monster animations has caused problems in the HD version and I've had to overcome that. So we still need more tes…
  • Sleeping 21 sleeps resets the game and often cures mobile glitches. Of course, it revives a lot of monsters you killed, but you'll get more xp killing them again. I'm glad it worked for you.
  • There is nothing to do there.
  • He can be reached in two ways. One is a secret switch in a cliff wall in Wiggan's Peak. As you approach Wiggan's Peak from the south, look in the Mideast. Another way is by a secret switch in the Wild Pict's tower. Cross the room with the spike …
  • I don't think it has anything to do with talking to anyone. You could try sleeping in an inn for 21 sleeps and see if he's still in the same spot. But he shouldn't be.
  • Here is where I face the goblin with the bridge visible--I can move to the right and walk across or I can go around to the left and go a pace or two forward and then left and cross. No one else as far as I know has reported this problem.
  • What type of graphics file is it? I'll post a screenshot of where I am when I can cross the bridge. Then maybe tell me if that's where you are. I don't want to move the goblin as that might cause problems for other players.
  • Do you have an earlier save file? Can you put up a pic? The goblin just stands in his spot but if you have got the bridge visible--you can cross it. I just tested it. Are we talking about the same spot I wonder?
  • I just tested this and he doesn't block your path if you step to the right around him. He doesn't move from his position. Did Mr. Tainnik give you the Governor's Crown? When he does that, he sets the bridges visible but the goblin doesn't block it.
  • I misunderstood you. My fault. Directly to the north of the Disgraced Knight, through the gate you can see in that pic, is a column of fire. Tap it.
  • He has nothing to do with getting to Good Luck Island. You have to get further in the game. When you do, a bridge will appear. You have to do all of Mr. Tainnik's quests and then he'll make the bridge appear to Good Luck Island appear.
  • Attaching a pic where he is. Yes, I'm the head of Zarista Games. He's in Bethlusaa's Lair. I'm not sure where you are.
  • He's in the mid to south area of Bethlusaa's Lair beyond a red door.
  • No trouble. It happens all the time, which is why my personal inventory is so cluttered. ^^
  • You're in luck. Pennywise the Taverner in Alderley Village sells them but they have a chance of 1 in 10 of appearing in her inventory so you'll have to camp out until they appear.
  • There are two gates there--one is the outer gate and you get that key from Lady Alderley in Alderley Castle. The witches are inside the first part of the deer park. They give you the key to the inner part. I don't think you've opened the first gate.…
  • You have Cupid's Bow you can buy in Celtic Doom. It's an enchantable crossbow.
  • It's a quest reward in HOLI.
  • Hi, Eradicater! About Tao's Ring of the Aerons--I try to port the games to HD as closely as I can based on the original games, with additions and some changes. One change in the ports is that players didn't like getting a bunch of quests in one are…
  • Everything there is just decorative.