Some question to finish...

Hi, 8 quests remaining and 7 in progress, can I ask some help/infos please:

The quests "Bring rocks" and "Put out the flames" cannot be done if you side to the Garuda? Right?

Where is the tome 3 of the quest books please (just a hint not exact position)?

Where is the fruit of lime oil (just a hint not exact position)?

Is there another place to find Cloak of illusion beside Formius in Al-Khamsin?

The poison protection glove needed to grab the book is a quest reward or can be found soemwhere?

Where can I found Painite and musgravite (just a hint not exact position)?



  • Bring rocks and put out the flames cannot be done if you side with the Garuda.

    Books are hidden in column, grass, candle.

    Fruit of lime oil in Oasis of Three Wells. Check walls.

    Cloak of Illusion: There is a Merchant in the Q'atacombs who sells. It will show up rarely so you will have to camp out. Formius sells superior items. This is a better item. He doesn't sell it.

    Poison protection gloves: Aulya the girl who tames tigers in the Oasis of Singing Trees.

    Painite: Pink Diamond Mines, Mtns of Lahan.

    Musgravite: Incense Islands.

  • Thanks for all the tips, another extension finish... will sleep some months until next one :'(

  • Hi Cat others questions to finish
    Where is the bored genie
    and agent Arenco ?
    And where to find black palm oil ?
    Thanks for your great expansions !
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    Hi, TioGil. It's good to see you.

    The Bored Genie is in a part of Cave of the Djinn that's reached from a hole in Reef of Sailors' Blood.

    Agent Arenco is in a hallway that leads to the Bey of Shuga. You can't solve both the Bey of Shuga's quest and Agent Arenco's so you will have to choose.

    Black Palm Oil is in Well of Ghouls, Oasis of Singing Trees.
  • Nico, I'm testing Curse of Linmore now. :)
  • Hi all, finished Horde II and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have just one quest left…Q’at’s missing books…I seem to have gone all over Ruins of Mostun and can’t find the third book…where did I miss looking? Thanks , in advance!

  • The third book is on a wall on the left of the entrance of the Q'atacombs

  • Many thnx….always in the last place I look!

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