Bug Finder's Reward

Someone who I won't name apparently sent Redshift a donation and asked for a cape named after them. Redshift did not like that. They asked me to tone down this reward. So I can only give it if it's a serious bug, unless they tell me to stop altogether. I can't give it for typos. Of course, I welcome all comments and love to clean up typos. Please don't write them asking for items named after you.


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    I don't want this to get buried yet. Redshift was not too happy getting a request for an item. They are very busy. Please don't write them directly. Thanks. For me, as long as they let me do it, you'll get the bug reward but I can only do it now for serious bugs. However, I always welcome comments of every kind. We're a community. I try to listen and fix. I've had a lot of fun making these expansions and I'm happy you've been a part of it.

  • Redshift University in HoL 1 demonstrates how much you appreciate your players. Naming items is cool, but that should not be the reason someone reports a bug, imho.
  • Welcome to the forum! : ) Thank you for your kind words.

  • It shouldn't be the reason someone reports a bug but I always thought finding bugs should be rewarded. I have to balance this now because to ask Elendil to do an update for a minor bug when he's busy isn't fair to him. So major bugs will still be rewarded. Testers catch a lot but not everything, especially since we test on Steam, not on mobile.

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