Virus Report crashing The Quest and its expansions

Can anyone please help me?
I can no longer play The Quest or its many excellent expansions. This may be coincidental but ever since I downloaded the Basiliks Eye expansion the Mcaffee virus protection programme I have on my PC keeps crashing the game stating that it has stopped a virus attacking my machine. The virus is allegedly located in c:\Program Files (x66)Steamapps\common\The Quest\The Quest exec. Real Protect - SS!8EF4F129E3D.
I am certain that Cat and co. would not release an expansion with a virus on it but I only get this happening with the expansions from Thor's Hammer onward. The Quest base game and Islands of Ice and Fire do not cause this.
I would be grateful for any help or ideas.
DMB (Malcolm)


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    You should write and send him a save file. No one else has reported such a problem. Another possible help might be to uninstall and reinstall Steam. We have no way to look into error messages like that. The engine is handled by Redshift. The Quest exec file in SteamApps\common]TheQuest\TheQuest.exec is the Quest engine application. Not our expansion. We have nothing to do with its programming and can't even open that file.

  • Thank you for your prompt reply. I will do as you suggested.

  • You could also delete the expansion and reinstall but I think the problem is with the engine. It was updated a few times. Maybe you have an older version. Or maybe McAfee is just being ornery. I use Trend Micro and have no problems like that. In any case, sadly there is nothing I can do to help you. Only Elendil can.

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