Permanent Gush

I wonder if there is a problem with the permanent gush. 2 of my stats went up by 1 but it cut my dexterity by 6 points. And it says increase dex by +112. See screen shots of stats before and after gush along with the "info" on the gush. And I made this while I am still playing Thor's Hammer.


  • Ok let me clarify, the blue dexterity went down by six and the white up 1, but I had not been hit or changed gear at all. Screen shot is right before drinking and right after. So I guess why would it go down on the blue side and type for the +112 Dexterity???

  • The engine generates the description for the potion. But gush has only ever increased stats by 1. It could be that your dexterity is so high, the counter is wrapping around negatively. Will have to look into,this more.

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    Permanent Gush is not available in Thor's Hammer. Where did you learn the recipe? It's not even available in Hero of Lukomorye I for HD.

  • Didn't learn it, it just showed up as I was scrolling through ingriedents to make a perm intelligence. I tend to just mix and match til I find what I want. It was not successful the first time or two but I have that happen with "higher" potions when my alchemy is not high enough. Yeah was weird, it increased my dexterity in white by one but my dexterity in blue next to it was decreased. I will have to take a look at the screen shot again. Not 100% sure of the +1 for dexterity in white but positive for the -6 in the blue

  • The minus 6 could have been from berserkers too now that I think of it. But for sure that +112 is weird and I can make it when I am not supposed to.

  • Can you try to make it again and send me a screenshot of the potion in your inventory? You're not using any save file from the Classic version are you?

  • This is a general discussion thread so I can't tell which HD expansions you've gone to.

    Permanent Gush first shows up in Luko II. But you don't get the Alchemy Recipe for it in that expansion. However, I see no reason you can't make it as the potion you can find is a homemade potion. That would explain why you could make it. It's not available in Thor's Hammer. It's not a homemade potion in Luko II but it can be found in that expansion. Still no Alchemy Recipe in Luko II. It's not available at all in Macha's Curse.

    The first time you get the Alchemy Recipe is in Luko III. The homemade potion is also available there.

    But it should only increases Strength, Endurance and Dexterity by 1, no matter what the editor says it can do.

    I guess the next question is when you can level up, save your file and drink a permanent gush potion, see what it does to your stats. If it rolls your dexterity back, save your file in a different slot and write with a copy of your save file.

    If there is something wrong, I don't think I can fix it. He would have to.

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