Questing Between Expansions (Too Many Quests)

I had just finished the main quest of Islands of Ice and Fire (and most of the side quests) and was a little under powered to start Hol1. So I figured I'd start the Celtic Rift expansion to power up. After playing it a bit (and realizing how overpowered my character was for Celtic Rift) I went back to Hol1 (I've gone back and forth a couple of times between the two). I have made the mistake of picking up too many quests in between different expansions. My active quests between each expansion are interwoven so it's hard to tell what I'm supposed to do for which expansion.
I wish there was a way to drop quests, but I know that'd be hard to add to the game, especially when quest items are involved. What about color coding or some indicator next to the quest to let you know what expansion it's from?


  • Elendil has said he won't update the engine. He's busy with the Quest2. You could always ask here.
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