Will the HD expansions won't be just a 1 on 1 version of the Classic Versions?

Title. It'll be just what the community asks for at the time?


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    The HD versions are usually a bit different with more quests and more levels.

    I try to listen to people's requests. Asteroids I for that reason will be very low level because players for the most part wanted to start a new avatar. Is that what you mean?

    Elendil has told me that it's not a good idea to make any expansions a higher level than HOLV, so I will follow that advice.

  • Gotcha. I was just experimenting with Asteroids 1 in the Classic versions to compare the HD version I was testing and forgot Asteroids was originally for level 40. But if that's what the community mostly wanted, thats fine. So I was confused.

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