Will all expansions be ported in time? (Android)


As the topic is asking, assuming you don't burn out, are you thinking it likely you will be porting all the Zarista expansions to Android? Don't care how long it would take. I got most of them in Classic when I had an iPhone and I want to give you more and more money for Android.



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    Thank you for your support!

    Am not expecting to burn out hopefully. Cats have nine lives. Unless the Coronavirus gets me. And I'm very careful. Masked Cat, Gloved Cat. Shopping only rarely Cat. Not riding buses or subways, NYC Cat like our Governor Cuomo says is strong, hopefully smart, and loving. Loving making the expansions.

    I will port the expansions to mobile as long as Redshift can upload them to mobile. Mithril Horde I should be available soon. Asteroids I is testing.

    Working on a completely new one and hope to port all the others.

    Send some money to food banks if you can. The people who need them right now really need them. It's hard to tell your children, "We have to cut down on meals because there's nothing."

    Everyone who helps their neighbor in some even small way is a Hero(ine).

  • Definitely. In my case it was a donation to Direct Relief. I'm really glad to hear this - with my limited amount of time I still have not cleared through a single one of these yet. So it gives me a lot to look forward to.

  • Thank you for being a true hero(ine). : ) So many people cannot pay their mortgage, rent, buy food, pay bills right now. Not being able to go to the beach is one thing. We all want that. But it's a trivial desire next to not being able to feed your family or having to give away your pets because you can't feed them.

    Going to bed hungry is a whole different level of suffering. We all have to try to help somehow.

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