Editor and HD expansions. A technical question


I'm new in the forum, but certainly not to The Quest!. I've been playing it since 2012 originally on the iPhone/iPad. I bought everything there for the Classic version. Now I'm playing on PC and I've bought every single expansion on Steam. Probably one of my top 5 games ever!.

I have a question about the compatibility of the Editor and the HD expansions.
I remember from the iPhone days that I could get the .pdb expansion files from the app installer and open them in the old editor so I could see the maps, scripts and everything else. Great way to learn about how the game works and be able to find hidden places and solve things when I got stuck.

Fast forward to 2020, I've been playing the HD version base game, Islands, HOLI and HOLII. I've been using the same trick with the pdbs I have from the old days, and although they are a bit different from the HD versions due to the changes in some areas, I've been able to advance through the expansions without much problems.

This hasn't been the case with Macha's Curse. I don't have a Classic pdb for this expansion, as I think it's for HD only. I've been investigating the world.pak in the Steam folders, and managed to get the .pdb from the the.pak, but this .pdb crashes the editor and it can't be opened. Why is this?. Going a bit further, I could get the base HD game pdb from game data.pak to open in the editor, so I think the expansions pdbs has somethings different to disallow opening them in the editor.

I'd like to know if there is a way to open them.

Thank you very much!


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    There isn't a way to open the new HD expansions as was the case with the old. Steam works differently.

  • Well, that's a pity, really. I guess that the editor needs something more than the pdb from the HD expansion to in order to open it.
    I'll use what I have for the old expansions and play the new ones without looking at the editor then.
    Thanks for the answer, Cat.

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