How to remove extra expansions in Steam?

I am trying to cross play between my IPhone and Steam again, however, with the free expansions on Steam, I can't do that anymore. Also, Apple App isn't receiving anymore updates?


  • Apple App and Android will get updates as long as I'm making them. Horde I should be coming soon.

    The pity of Steam is that you can't remove expansions on Steam without affecting your save file.

    You'd have to start with a Steam file completely devoid of anything you don't have on mobile.

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    So many times, I've had to start over from Matras with a clean file and skate to Mithria to get a fresh save there after having removed extra expansions from Steam. If you have played an expansion on Steam and remove it, you can no longer use that save file.

    Same for mobile. If you use a save file on mobile and copy that save file to Steam, if you don't have everything on mobile in Steam, you can't use your save file and vice versa if you copy your save file from Steam to mobile and don't have all the same expansions on mobile that you had on Steam like Vacation for example, you can't use that save file on mobile.

    It's a big failing of Steam and exceedingly annoying. It can make it impossible for me to play someone on mobile's save files.

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    What I have done to try to play someone's save file on mobile is to use a different computer where I have no expansions on Steam and then I add them back one by one until my save and the other person's save are the same vis a vis what expansions are on their mobile and my Steam. It's a real pain in the neck.

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