Is there a reason why CIvilStriker's Dagger was nerfed?

Just wanted to play around with a Rogue-esque character similar to what I had in the Quest Classic version, however I noticed that CIvilStriker's Dagger was nerfed. Are there any options for good Daggers usable across all the expansions?

Also, I have a Knight type character as well and I've noticed that I haven't found a Heavy Armor type cape, is there one available?


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    Heavy Armor has no capes at all. It's not an option in the editor.

    All the daggers were downplayed in HD because the betatesters found them too powerful. It spoiled the game they said. I can add a stronger dagger to Mithril Horde I if you like. Just let me know.

  • That'd be great. You can make any weapon type to 1 hit a lot of the creatures regardless of weapon type. I can make any character that can deal 65k-80k damage in one hit. I'd just like an option for a variety of playstyles. The engine just bugs out when I do that.

    Would it be possible to add 1h Crossbows or 2h in future expansions as well? I think we only have 1 high level expansion with 1 low level expansion where that playstyle is an option.

  • Elendil would have to add the crossbow for me. I'll try next new expansion.
  • I added your dagger in Mithril Horde I.

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