Do any items from other expansions cause issues with HOL?

I finished the main game, fire and ice, and Celtic Rift. Are there any items or skills that might cause issues in HOL? I seem to recall reading somewhere that crossbows caused issues.


  • I'll have to ask Elendil. No one has mentioned such a problem to me. There are no crossbows in HOLI but if you used one in Celtic Rift, you should be ok. Congrats on finishing.

  • Elendil said no. Crossbows and items from other expansions should not cause problems.

    "There are no problems, of course, anything can be used in any expansion. :)

    (If it's embedded, then naturally everything is available, if it's standalone, then things in other expansions are not attainable, so no problem. Anything in the base resources, like the crossbow, is still there, just not gettable.)"

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