Idea for potential feature to add to future expansions/Quest2

I've no idea if this would be simple or quite difficult to accomplish, but - if the former - it would be awesome were we able to attach a brief note (akin to map notes) to - or edit the description of - each marked location on our mark/recall list in order to add more specificity to the description of the marked position beyond its general map location.
Thank you for your consideration :)


  • That's Elendil's area--anything to do with programming the engine --you could post that request in the Quest 2 section of's forum. He doesn't plan to change the Quest HD or Classic engines as the Quest 2 is a lot of work.

    He's also the only one who can answer whether it would be simple or difficult for him to do but it's worth asking in that forum.

  • OK, Cat, thank you very much. Will do. I knew I'd seen that Quest 2 suggestion discussion somewhere, but couldn't find it. Had admittedly forgotten to check the redshift forum as I'd been hanging here exclusively of late :)

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