Someone suggested that I should move the forum discussions to Facebook because of its popularity and the fact that people are so comfortable going there and you get reminders of new posts in threads you follow and for a few other reasons.

Any comment? I don't know if it's easy to access Facebook from some parts of the world. But maybe that's true of this forum too.


  • I personally disagree Cat. Successfully terminated my Facebook account 3 years ago and do not regret it. Please stay where you are...

  • I'm not on Facebook either, I'm fine as it
  • I've always thought it would be nice to have an app on my phone that was strictly for the forum and for The Quest
  • We'll stay here then. :)

  • I disagree too :s
  • Thank’s for stay here ;)
  • edited September 10

    Zarista Games has a page on Facebook. I haven't had a whole lot of time to post there recently. I also belong to a private group Posh Pets Rescue there since I rescued two cats. So I keep my Facebook account for those reasons. But we'll stay here.

  • Thank you. I don't want to be compelled to create a Facebook account.
  • Agreed. Stay where you are. I don’t use Facebook.

  • I also avoid facebook as much as possible.

  • I agree with everyone - no to Facebook. Stay here

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