Basilisk's Eye. Coming this summer.

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An exotic world where basilisks, camels, elephants, tigers, scorpions, snakes and vicious roosters, as well as fabulous monsters and demons, roam the outskirts of cities and villages and will surely haunt your dreams. You can find a nice turban in some shops to help you keep your cool as the hot sun pummels you. Both lush and arid terrains to explore.


  • What would be the starting level?
  • Vicious roosters! I can’t wait...

  • What a beauty...!

  • Level 75 starting level.

  • Woah, I haven't had the time to play the latest expansions, Luko4 will end at 75?! That's amazing, at this rate, I wonder if Luko5 will end at 100. That would be awesome

  • It should. :smiley:

  • Excellent news, thanks Cat!
  • Any update on this expansion?
  • It's almost ready for testing, which means release should be sometime in August, which fits the need for some reasonable time between expansions. 😀

  • Yessssssss!!!!
  • Save up your apples. Camels charge ten apples to travel.

  • Wooow...:-). That is something new!

  • As excited and behind in having the last two expansions, here comes one more!

    Personally, I am patiently waiting for Dragon Jade, as that was the last expansion I didn't manage to collect when I had one of those really neat iPod phones without the sim card function and played the heck out of the rest of what I had but always was drooling for Dragon Jade.

    Well perhaps a year or two perhaps 5 we will get to see an HD release of it. I'm sure The Quest 2, will come before that, but one can dream :cold_sweat: lol

    PS still saving up for the last two newer expansions :hushed:

  • Well after a bit of pinching, I sucked it up and got the latest expansions. :/ I hope they last me little bit longer than.


  • I love all the expansions and am so looking forward to this new one. Will you be making an HD version for The Cursed Chess Set? Rats is by far my favorite expansion

  • Yes, it's on the list. Possibly after HOLV which will be after Basilisk's Eye.

  • Can’t wait!!!!
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