Stuck on a few things

Ok. How do I cut the Ribbon of Lost Hope to free Lady Lotti, I can’t seem to be able mine any Quartz, And I can’t find Prince Mymbyr for the life of me! Thanks.

Great game as usual!


  • I found Mymbyr!

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    To mine Quartz, find some cracks in the walls and hit them. There is not a whole lot of Quartz but you only need one piece. Try the mid north of the mines to look for one crack. There are a few others but you have to look hard for them as they are thin lines on gray walls.

    Prince Mymbyr is with the wolves in a cave. Try the Hills of issay. Look for a cave hole entrance in the eastish.

    There is a book that you can buy from Liz called "Rescue Lady Lotti". To save you the 250 gold, here's what it says:

    "Rescues Lady Lotti

    Prince Malin gives you this quest. She's held captive in Dream Castle in the northeast. You need a key to get into the castle. See Mikey in the Dungeon Masters' Guild. He'll give you a quest to find the Courtyard Key.

    He'll tell you one of the servants at Dream Castle lost a copy sleeping near a haystack. However, he doesn't tell you that a keyhole spirit found the key and to get it you will have to do a quest for the keyhole spirit to find his key. Look for green bricks in the southeast of Dream Castle to find the keyhole where the spirit dwells. He may have lost his key by the same haystack.

    To get to the second floor of the castle, you'll need Vast's quest: For Vast, Dungeon Masters' Guild, Death's Sanctuary, persuade one of the lesser servants in Dream Castle to give you their magical key to the second floor. You need Persuasion skill greater than or equal to 130 to get her key.

    Once you're on the second floor, go through some teleporters to reach the stairs to Lady Lotti's Chambers. To break the first wall of force you'll need the Pictish Blade from the Wild Pict in the Wild Pict's Tower. You can get there from Wiggan's Peak in the midnorth.

    After you break the Wall of Force, talk to Lady Mary there. She'll give you a quest to Gather Things and a list of things you need to rescue Lady Lotti. She'll also tell you to talk to Maspa in the north of Home of the Enclave Wizards on Shroud Island to find out what else you need.

    This is her list of what you'll need:

    A Strength of Will Potion that can be bought from the Lady of the Lake.
    Merlin's Protection Amulet which you can buy from someone who sells unusual and rare items.
    The Scepter of Love which you can find in the Enclave Wizard's Home.

    See Maspa in the Enclave Wizards' Home for information about the blade you'll need.

    Maspa tells you, " You'll need a blade blessed by the Green Man but it may take some work to get it. First, find the Witch of the Wilderness who has a shop in Broile River. She should be able to give you a magical blade. Take that blade to the Green Man. See what he says. The blade may need more enchanting before he can bless it but he'll tell you."

    When you take that blade to the Green Man, he'll give you an Emerald of Wisdom and tell you to take that and the blade the witch gave you to the Lady of the Lake, Lake of Reflection in the midwest, for further blessing. Bring that blade to him and he turns it into the Green Man's Blessed Blade which you'll need to free Lady Lotti.

    You'll need the Scepter of Love from Home of the Enclave Wizards on Shroud Island in the midnorth. See Ninja of Quest there. Use that scepter to break the second Wall of Force.

    To break the bonds that bind Lotti, you'll need the Strength of Will potion, the Protection Amulet and the Green Man's Blessed Blade.

    Once you free her, go back to Prince Malin in Kale Castle.
    Prince Malin will offer you a quest to kill Merlin or send Merlin to sleep for a thousand years. If you decline his quest, you'll have to battle him. You won't get a second chance to take his quest. Choose carefully when you answer him. If you kill him, you'll fail Old Shaman's quest to help Malin and Habren and won't get the key to your room in Kale Castle."

  • Aha, I didn’t have the protection amulet. Thanks! Now if I could only find the Hermit in Wiggans Peak for the Fragmentation Wand, I’d be about finished! I’ve looked everywhere for that guy! (Well, obviously not everywhere because I haven’t found him yet).

  • There's as secret switch that will move you right to him.

  • Hey, where is the switch? The only one I can spot is next to the door I can see from this side of the gap, but it won’t click even if I throw stuff at it from a distance

  • Go around EVERY stone surface in the peak. You will be ported around 2 or 3 times within the area by finding secret switches that REALLY blend in. Just be methodical and you will succeed. You are not looking for a hole or a hut.
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    There is also a switch in the Wild Pict's Tower that will take you to him but it's much easier to get there as greenebeangames says. : ) It's really painful to get the secret switch in Wild Pict's Tower and it's so small on a gray green wall.

  • Got to the second floor and the Pictish knife doesn’t bring down the first force field. Thoughts?
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    In Lady Lotti's Chambers? You have to equip it and hit the force field. That should work.

  • It is right after you go up the stairs from the first floor. It’s says you need something magical.
  • Ok. Figured out I need the orb key. Just need it from the dark Druid. Reminder on his location?
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    What level are you in? Mother Maab gives you the Orb Key if you bring her pieces of it. The Pictush Knife works on the first force field in Lady Lotti's Chambers. I don't think you are there yet. The Dark Druid gives you one piece of the Orb Key. He's in the Dark Druid's Laboratory. You get there from a pentagram in Tunnel of Lost Souls in the far midwest.

  • Where is vast?, i cant find him at dungeon master guild
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    Vast has a door in the eastern hallway on the left hand side.

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