Request for Advice/Recommendations

I have been playing The Quest while trying to keep certain continuities seperate; this is beginning to look like a less-than-good idea. Here is how I have played up to now:

  • The Quest (main game) (thru the western half of Freymore)
  • Thor's Hammer
  • Remainder of The Quest (main game)

(At this point I split gameplay into two paths)
+ Isles of Ice and Fire + Celtic Rift

I followed Isles with HOL I and am currently continuing HOL II from HOL I. I wanted to continue Celtic Queen from Celtic Rift, but I ended Rift at lvl 27 and the recommended level for Queen is 45. If it were only a few levels grinding would be an option, but not for 18 levels.

I found a post from last May in the Redshift forms (url: ) where Elendil recommended doing Matcha's Curse and then Celtic Queen after HOL II. Given that the recommended level for HOL III is 50 this is probably the way to go.

So my question is: Should I just continue with things as they are or should I go back and replay from some point in a specific order? I have save points for the following:

  • Halfway through The Quest (main game)
  • End of Thor's Hanner
  • End of The Qyest (main game)
  • End of Isles of Ice and Fire
  • End of HOL I
  • End of Celtic Rift

Thanks for any suggestions/advice.


  • I have no idea if the following will be useful to you, but it is the best general advice on quest gameplay that I have so here goes:

    The Quest and the expansions are multifaceted. You decide which different aspects are more important or more fun for you and choose your most clever path toward those goals. Turn-based fighting, solving puzzles, exploring, making things, enchanting, being a merchant- so many ways to have fun!

    I suppose the best question here is what is the purpose of splitting things up? Most players seem to be stuck on the concept that they can't have fun in an expansion if it is too low of a level for their higher level character. You can debuff even a level 100 character by donning lower level gear/playing naked/fighting by hand or by collecting diseases. If you are deliberate about your game play choices you won't be over powered for even the lower expansions. So play the expansions in order of 'early' 'mid' and 'advanced' however you want.

    At this point I have leveling early characters to a science and can get permanent gush made early in main game (just need the correct expansions enabled). I also push through to mithra asap to sail to hol3 and pick up the gear on the ground at hibarki village, which makes a low level character pretty tough. This means my characters level hard and fast. Why 'cheat' by getting higher level gear and making permanent gush early? Because it isn't just the puzzles I like, but making money and enchanting and making potions to sell. Fighting gets in my way and it irritates me. Thus, exercising personal choice on how I level means I enjoy the game.

    My order with my current character as far as I recall: main quest (necessary quests only), thor's hammer, celtic rift, HOL2, HOL3, Macha, careworn, celtic queen, HOL1, and am about to start islands of fire and ice. Why this order? I needed to get to the final home in hol2 to establish my base as fast as possible. Hol1 and fire and ice annoy me in a couple places so I saved them for last while I wait for more expansions.

    In the years I have played this game, I have run through the main game well over a dozen times (ugh), fire and ice/hol1 between 4-6 times, and thors hammer/celtic rift now 3 times. I play through with the same character now because I know I can just debuff whenever I want and I love collecting gear, books, misc quest items, etc., that I keep in my huge Order of the Sword home base (HOL2).

    Ultimately you need to ask yourself about gameplay: Is it difficulty of opponents (then buff/debuff) or is it the puzzles and mental aspects you like (then who cares, just play!)? In the end, do what you want and enjoy.
  • I think that's the best advice I've heard so far. : ) It would have been nice to make each series follow the prior in the series but my main partners in storytelling, Dr. Vlad and Liz, have always worked at different paces so I generally do an expansion, including the ports, when either of them has finished quests for an expansion. HOLIV was supposed to be next after Caerworn Castle, but Dr. Vlad got busy with life's responsibilities and Liz was ready with new quests for Celtic Doom, so now Doom is next (just about to be released) and HOLIV will follow after that.

    Then we'll have a new expansion Basilisk's Eye and will have to figure out whether it should be low level to start the Mithril series or high level. Liz has already written most of the quests and I'm working on the graphics. HOLV will come after that.

    When Fershid tests the expansions, he is usually really over-powered so he debuffs as greenbeanegames mentions can easily be done. You can then enjoy murdering your opponents and enjoy the quests. Those who hate killing and love questing have a harder time but also as greenbeanegames says, you can pick up some powerful gear early on in some of the expansions and you can usually use paralyze. : )

    By the way, I played through testing Celtic Doom using mostly magic unless a special weapon was needed to kill a monster. I relied on Werewolf's Kiss from Doom which paralyzes and Witch's Tongue and Witch's Eye which I picked up in Caerworn Castle.

    It takes some skill sometimes when facing two or more really hard monsters if you're lower level but you can often lure them to a door, close it, refill your health and mana, open it, whack them and again close the door to restore your health and similar ways of dealing with higher level monsters.

  • I will admit I am just a little bit infatuated with the witchy sisters, eye and tongue. I have an 88 count rod of recall, a 20 count invigoratus, 2x 20 count witch's tongue, and one 25 count witch's eye. While I acknowledge using my own magic rather than a rod would be a stronger spellcast, it is really the WT rod used to paralyze and then I go in with 4 high level bows and about 1000 medusa arrows from the woodsman in Ash Forest in caerworn. Johnny's toy and Larissa's scimitar round out my dance card. I use Markit (hol3) and great feather (i forget) to have boosts in intelligence and strength, respectively. So many great advances! There might be an occassional magic immunity for all the fireballs thrown at me or a heal wounds touch to pop off the undead. Really, I'm feeling great. Who knows what the party will look like next. Diseased and naked ranged battlemage for the win.

    I would like to acknowledge the spectacular freshman humor that created the Whizz spell. I still laugh every time I see it.
  • Will consider the magic immunity and heal wounds effects for HOLIV or Basilisk's Eye. : )

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