need help 2 last mission

Where is bendlas habren lovers i already discover all outside crest castle, and where is kamber fortress which i have to kill kamber, i already save mymbyr and where is he if i have to talk to him again?


  • Bendlas is a shape shifter so look for a young girl to the west of Crest Castle.

    Mymbyr will be in the Enclave First Floor if you have to talk to him again.

    Kamber's Stronghold is in Silver Bay which is in the far southwest.

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    I just found a swan on west outside crest castle, and how i can enter the locked "honored guest quarter" door inside crest castle?
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    That;s your room. You get the key from Habren if you kill Kamber. If you kill Merlin, she won't give you the key.

  • Desperate find bendlas.. no young girl found on west crest castle.. still doesnt understand what shape shifter mean.. help pls
  • A shape shifter is someone or something that can change their shape to another form.
    If you have Omnur's quest to Kill Habren's Lover and the Core Revealing Scroll he gave you, tap this swan and a young girl should appear nearby. Talk to her and Bendlas should be visible near her.

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    Omg i lost my core revealing scroll, any suggestion?
  • It can't be sold. Maybe you stashed it somewhere? Otherwise, you'd need to go back to a previous save file.

  • Thnx god i found it on my permanent shelf in my house... thnx a lot cat.. way to go on HOL III
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