Most gold ever???

Does anyone else have this much gold?? This happened at the casino in HOL 2 (I think). Not sure if this is a glitch, but it’s cool!!


  • Virtually rich man...:-)

  • Wish I could share some!

  • I maxed it out. It won't go over 1000000000 (yes, that's with a capital'B') ;)

  • I think I did an update. : )

  • A billion!? Holy Moly. How’d you do it? How high is your Appraise??

    Cat, maybe it’s time to put a “Baller Sword” in a shop for $20 Mil or so!! Or maybe a Diamond Bedazzled Walking Stick for those who want to Quest in style! 😃

  • There were secret slots in the casino (LUKIII I think) where you battled all the dragons. They weren't advertised, but they were there. It was kind of random and you won or lost based on how much gold you already had. So you could lose a lot, but when you won, you won big. I already had about 20 million (so money isn't really part of the game at that point anymore) so I just spent 10 minutes and risked it all. Got lucky with 4 or 5 wins in close succession and boom! Broke the bank!

    We talked about it a bit in another thread ('Mercantile'). As Cat mentioned, those slots are no longer there. I kind of always thought it was a feature that was supposed to be removed but got forgotten about when it was released.

    A "Baller" sword would be awesome! I'm a long time pinball fan (hence "PinGeek"). A "Baller" sword would go great with the "Pin's Token" necklace I already have! ;) I'd pay $20 Mil for that for sure!

  • Someone in Celtic Doom will sell it. :)

  • And are you gonna charge $20 Mil for it? That would be very cool!!

  • The Blacksmith in Vix Village will. : )

  • Problem with that cost is the resale caps- merchants put limits on how much they will pay you for gear. Let that blacksmith at least pay out half back in case of an error in buying.

  • I'll be buying it for prestige only (even if it only has damage of 20) so I have no plan to sell :)

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    This is as far as you can go...

  • That’s awesome.

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