Expansion Order

Hi. I was trying to figure out what is the order in which the expansions are meant to be played. IE 1. The Quest 2. Isles 3. 4. 5. etc? I just picked up all the available expansions last night for the Android version. There are The Quest, Isles, Thor, Hol, Hol 2, Hol 3, Celtic, Queen, Macha, Caerworn. That is the order I have them so far but haven't activated any of the other quests in The Quest. I want to complete that one first game the begin the next expansion in intended order.

Secondly, I was wondering if there are plans to release Asteroids, Mithril, Cursed, Dragon, Cursed and the other Celtic in the future?



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    Right now I'm working on porting Celtic Doom, Hero of Lukomorye IV and Escape from Asteroids which will be called Asteroids I. So the plan is to port them all and do new ones.

    As far as the sequence, you should look at the suggested levels that should be described in the Google Play Store description. Thor's Hammer is low level so you can weave in and out of the base game while you're playing it and the base game if you like. Hol I is best played after Ice and Fire. You can always try an expansion and flee if it's too hard. :).

    Thanks for buying our games. Your support helps us buy new graphics.

  • Sounds good.

    I didn't even think to check the suggested lvl requirements from the app store :blush: I Look forward to seeing the rest of the expansions in the future.


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