Two questions


When I see George the Forge, he says he can craft items if I bring him iron ore. When I show up with the iron, the option to craft is not there.

There are two areas in the fox tunnels I cannot figure out how to access. Both are near the middle. The first is a locked gate that I don't have the key for. The second is to the right of the area with all the holes. There is a hole in the wall there I cannot go through.

Any hints?

Thanks and geat expansion as always.


  • There is no key for that gate. You can explore that area, which is the are to the right of all the holes by entereing the Fox Holes from a hole in the ground in the St. Digain's Church area. George the Forge will be fixed in the next update.

  • Hi again. Just to be clear, the gate I cannot get through is in the area of the Fox Holes entered from St. Digains Church area. Are you saying this gate does not need a key? Thanks.

  • That gate is just to separate the two sections. It's decorative. It will never open. Yes, that's the gate.

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