Mana Charger

Hey, i cant find the Mana Charger. I look everywhere in the strah mountain. i cant find Ignatz and Mrs. Elisey, there is no statue that can hold a key in Bogatyr Cave. Can someone help me please?


  • I believe you can also find one in a barrel near the redshift university....

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    You haven't explored all of the Strah Mountains, nor all of the Bogatyr caves. Do you have the quest to find Mrs. Elisey?

    To get the key from the statue who holds a key you need Live water.

    Here is where the Mana Charger is in the Strah Mountains but Imran is right--you can get one in Redshift U.

  • Here is the location of the statue that gives you a key if you have Live water and the location of Mrs. Elisey.

  • I found my mistake 🤦‍♂️. Really hard in the strah mountains. thanks to all :smile:

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