Removing quests I cannot complete


Ive finished the main game, finished the fire and ice expansion and now waiting on getting HOL1, BUT I have two quests that I cannot finish from fire and ice.

Find undertakers missing jewellery, I received the items but i think i sold them
train candidates for bodyguarding, I have actually completed the main quest and the governor has been killed so cannot finish this quest.

Can I get these quests failed/completed/removed?

Is there a way?



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    Those are actually Redshift's expansions and there is no method built into the editor to remove them. So I can't help you with those.

    Welcome to the forum. Are you the Imran who tested our early games or a different Imran. Either way, welcome.

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    Bummer, looks with them, and yeah the original Imran the philosopher (according to the credits in legacy iirc) did most of the grammar and language in the early games , tested yours and redshifts games back in good old symbian days 😁 I had a Nokia communicator
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    Wow! I thought I'd never see you again. You'll find yourself in Hero of Lukomorye II (Redshift University) and in Hero of Lukomorye III, coming next (in The Floating University). : )

    If these were quests from our expansions, I could help you. It's just that they're from Redshift's base game and expansions. If I added a way for you to fail the quest, it could trip up some people still playing the base game and Ice and Fire and I don't think Redshift would be pleased.

    I'm so happy to see you here. You were wonderfully helpful.

    You might consider writing, mention to him that you worked tirelessly testing many HOL expansions, tell him your problem, ask him if you could send him your save file and maybe he could help you. It's a thought. I don't know if it would be possible, but it's a thought. I wrote him also about your problem.

  • I might do that, yeah I remember the 'old' days, the quest had just started, legacy had been done, had many many months of fun beta testing the game and expansions, but don't think you had your own forums then. I even remember when I think hol got pirated and we ended up going on numerous sites asking them to take it down! But glad to be back, playing hol and the quest is like seeing an old friend you haven't seen in years 😁

    Glad to be back and will try emailing elendil 👍
  • I still go after the pirates. : )

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