Last 2 Quests

I have completed the entire game except for two quests.

I cannot find the Transporters for Dummies book to fix the transporter and I cannot get Vlad to fix the book. Any help will be appreciated..


  • The Goblin Leader says, 'I hear there's an expert in teleporter repair in Belovodsk, Master Rukin. He's the author of 'Teleporters for Dimwits'. That should help you. If you need any help understanding any part of the book, bring it to me. I have a degree in Goblin Engineering, but I'm not an expert in teleporters. Maybe we can fix it together.'

    Hit a door in the mideast of Belovodsk-Palace Square to find the Dimwits book.

    Now when you say you can't get Vlad to fix the book---you mean Vlad the Impaler? You need Persuasion of at least 60 and Appraise of at least 45.

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