I am curious, players. Does anyone really use help to be in the game? Potions are so easy to get in shops and I finding them that there’s really no use for him to me in my opinion. As this is a role playing game in the next game I’m going to play the role of someone that is not willing to buy potions and will have to rely on my alchemy and finding skills. I am thinking this will make the game much better. There’s so much stuff lying around the world, and it’s generally of no use. But I was going to see how much of the game I can play with only using the stuff I find and ignoring shops. What do you guys think anyone else play this game a little different then straightforward?


  • I think that's an interesting twist. You might be able to do it if you have the spell paralyze. There are so many things lying around because not everyone plays the embedded game. Those who play the standalone games (that have no way of accessing the base game and the shops there) need those items scattered. Each game, I have to scatter everything they need since they can't get them from the base game. I try to put enough shops in also so everything is available.

  • I forgot to say how much I like your avatar. In Caerworn Castle will try to be tidier and put those scattered items in barrels.

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