Do you mainly want expansions with slightly higher levels so you can continue your same character or an expansion here or there where you can start a new character at level 1?

Porting Luko III and Celtic Queen and wondering. Neither of those will be level 1. Right now, Luko III is geared to be higher than Macha's but thought that some players might appreciate Celtic Queen as higher than Celtic Rift and maybe not as high as Macha's if they haven't gotten to Macha's level yet.


  • I prefer continuing with same character...

  • I also would prefer slightly higher level expansions so I can continue my same character.
  • I like keeping the same character.
  • I rather like starting from scratch, or I end up so godlike that it's a bit of a breeze. If you could see my Storage Room, which includes dozens of items with Superior Enchantability plus my Enchanting Outfit, which gives me 500+ Env Magic and 3000+ Enchanting capability (and I know this is small compared to some people's gear!) then you would see what I mean.

    However, I quite like continuing with a party when it's a sequence of Expansions, like the Lukomorye or Celtic ones.

  • Our next expansions will probably be Celtic Queen, Luko III and then Caerworn Castle which is a new expansion. So Celtic Queen, which we're in the middle of testing will be about leverl 45. Luko III will be about level 50 and Caerworn Castle will be about level 55.

    But then the Asteroids and some other expansions like Cursed Chess Set and Mithril Horde will come up and they could start from level 1. I don't think any of us knows how the higher expansions will work--we'll have to see.

  • Personally I'd like continuing with my character because I've built him carefully and also have maniacally organized my items in storage spaces. At the end of Macha's I'm at level 62.

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