Bluestacks "Android Emulator for both PC/Mac"

Bluestacks is an Android emulator for both PC/Mac. Bluestacks 3, runs Android version 4.4.2 I believe, while Bluestacks N is in beta, runs Android version 7.

According to the information I have found, The Quest HD, as is should run in Bluestacks 3, "4.4..". However, it is known that Bluestacks may not list in the App Store, apps that may not particularly run well in Bluestacks. I presume. This is something I can not confirm nor deny for either Bluestacks 3 nor for Bluestacks N.

The reason I bring this up, is that I do run all of my current Android phone apps on both my cell phone and PC but more so on my PC. So for myself, obviously having the convenience of having all my apps crossover is a major benefit.

So if I am able to confirm that having The Quest HD for Android being able to run under Bluestacks, then I would opt to purchasing it for Android rather than "Steam".

I am tempted to test out this theory that The Quest HD could work on Bluestacks, but would be at a better piece of mind if the devs perhaps had better insight, perhaps answers to this question.


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    I think you should post this question at and ask elendil there. I have no idea.

    My off the cuff opinion is that if you want to support Redshift for making the Quest and us for making the expansions, but more to support Redshift, as our share from Steam is very tiny, you should not use an emulator for PC but go with the Steam version.

    The share the developers get from Steam is not a whole lot but it helps defray costs.

    And of course it encourages us all to keep developing.

  • Understand. Thanks for the reply. :)

  • Update:

    I went through the App Store on my Android phone and purchased Thor's Hammer to test my original question and I discovered that the App naturally works fine on my Android phone. However, the App could not be discovered as one of my purchased Apps when using Bluestacks.

    So it seems, Bluestacks currently does not support The Quest HD or it's expansions at this time. So, I will take the advice and purchase the apps via Steam, as well to purchase the apps on my Android phone.

    Even though Bluestacks does not currently support The Quest HD and all of its current expansions. It is not going to prevent me from supporting and playing a game that I love.

    Looking forward especially Dragon Jade in the future. :) Especially because I live in Taiwan.

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    We already have a sequel set up on paper for Dragon Jade II for HD. It will take awhile to get there--have to get some of the other expansions out first but we'll get there. The far East (east to me as I live in the west) is a fascinating place with such rich mythology and culture and wonderful people. Enjoyed very much doing Dragon Jade. Our tester Old Shaman has studied Chinese and another of our testers Pedsipec is a professor from China. They were extremely helpful. Looking forward to porting it--it will be higher level but I think that's ok.

    Right now, watching the Olympics, games that are like no other--may even get to Korean mythology eventually. : )

    I think the problem with Bluestacks is that the Quest for PC is bound up in a Steam protocol that probably can't be freed by such apps. When I make the expansions, I use Steam. Elendil of Redshift does the ports to Ios and Android so probably that's why Bluestacks works for those platforms but Steam has its own stuff that wraps around the game and is impenetrable. There's a name for that but I forgot what it is. : )

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