Varied loot

Maybe in next game you can make all enemies have more varied and many loots to find? It's like that in the base game. Would be a nice change. Just a thought.


  • Curse of Linmore has already been sent to Elendil. I think the monsters have varied loot. I'll check the monsters in Cursed Chess Set which is next on the agenda. Thanks.

    Some monsters have no loot but more xp because if they drop their loot on a teleporter or hole, it will get stuck.

  • Not saying it's bad in any expansion though :) For example Cyclops in Dungeon of Blood near Matras can drop any rare loot so it's different drops each kill. It can be fun when few enemies can drop many different loot. As I said it's just a thought so it's your decision.

  • It's a good suggestion and I will check the monsters in Cursed Chess Set. I am always open to suggestions if it's something I can do.
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