Shlomo`s Dungeon and Witch`s Dungeon

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MH II was and still is one of my favorite expansions of one of my favorite games... thank you Cat for bringing it to android!

So, I`m done with all the quests on my list, but there are some loose ends I would like to ask about:

Shlomo Dungeon - I killed the golem and found a key in a green candle. There are 2 force fields on the east i can`t bring down, a locked door in the south i cant open and 3 switches to the south that make a "voop" sound but wont open the near gate. What am I missing? do i need to get a cerain quest in order to move on?

Witch Dungeon - I found a red key and got to the library, but I cant seem to find keys to the 2 other locked doors. Also, while reading the 3 quests books, I noticed a quest name "Destroy the Witch" which (I assume) is needed in order to go on. Where can I get this quest?


  • Can't remember much about these, sorry.
    It usually means I got through it without trouble.
    The only thing that rings a Bell are the force fields, did toi try tapping them or hitting with a weapon ? I remember several Time trying to find a switch and solution was tap or hit.

    I can't remember either where you get the witch quest but if I believe I found it quite some time later. Have you been through the all expansion ?

    Not sure I helped much but I feel sorry for you been stuck !
    Good Luck, and maybe, now you found your way out by yourself in the meantime
  • There's a quest Kill the Witches-"For Mayor Yanam, Kharutiya City, kill the Dark Witches who are raiding caravans on the Spice Road and kidnapping young girls from surrounding areas. You get to their dungeon from a cave entrance in the north of the Spice Road."

    Shlomo's Dungeons--the forcefields are controlled by levers in the southwestish that make the whoop sound. The levers will set them visible and hidden. So if it's visible, try the levers again.

    The gate is controlled by a lever in the room to the southeast of it. You need to go through those forcefields.

    Witch's Dungeon--You found the Red Witch's key. You need the Blue Witch's key and the Green Witch's key. You find the Blue Witch's key on the floor beyond a gate opened by the green Witch's key. Now where is that darned Green Witch's key? : )

    Hint: It's dropped by a Witch Adept. And you won't see her unless you get Mayor Yanam's quest to Kill the Witches. : )

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