Help needed with a couple unfinished quests

Can't find the daughter for Ustin the Keymaker. I am very sure I knocked on all the doors in orchinya. What am I missing?
How do I bring down the barrier with beer and bread next to the shrine priestess?
Last one is not HOLII, but fire and ice, I accidently got rid of the governor before I could collect his reward from training the bodyguards? Is there anyway to complete or remove the quest? Thank you!


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    Talk to Budulay in Ochichorniya about a rose once you have the quest to find his daughter. He'll set her visible.

    For that Wall of Force, speak to the Priestess and bring her Liliac Wine and bread. You need the Jar of Winds quest.

    For Fire and Ice, you should ask in Redshift's forum. I don't have the HD version of that. Sorry. There were changes made by Redshift from the Classic version and I don't know what they all were.

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