Mithril Horde HD

Dear Cat.
Thank you for releasing another brilliant expansion.
Your games have entertained us throughout this country's 3rd lockdown


  • Stay safe and thank you. Which country are you in?

  • Dear Cat.
    Have you forgotten me already despite my constant pestering you for hints?. I am in the UK, (the brassica growing flat land of darkest Lincolnshire to be precise)
    I have put my message in the wrong game category. I meant to congratulate you on Horde II, which is indeed very good.
    Now for the usual pestering bit (still on Horde II).
    My wife and I are stuck on the Golden King quest (retrieve the spell book pages). When talking to him all we get is his leather armour to repair with no obvious way of repairing it. We have been back to the leather shop that had the magic thread spool but cannot get another one.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Just for the record we have played through all your expansions twice during the last lockdown and the house has been ringing with merry cries of "there must be a secret button somewhere" and "try pulling the 4th lever before the 3rd this time".
    Seriously thank you for your patience in answering a geriatric games players constant queries and ramblings and stay safe.

  • Ah, I am glad you're enjoying the games and very sorry about the passing of Prince Philip. Also sorry about the lockdowns. They're hard on my partner Liz as well.

    There is not a real quest to repair the Gold King's armor. That's just a bit of dialogue. To find the pages, tap or hit the usual places, pillars, candles, etc. He says he hid them throughout his fortress.

  • Thanks for your help and your condolences about Prince Philip. Today the country starts a gradual easement of lockdown with the opening of shops, hairdressers etc so there is now some escape from the house.
    Keep up the good work.

  • I'm happy things are opening up there. Thank you!

  • Dear Cat.
    I am really sorry to pester you again but we are still stuck retrieving the spell book pages. We are just missing one. We have one from a fountain and one from a troll statue and I think that the 3rd came from a tapestry. There is a silver wall plaque next to the Gold King himself (the only one of this colour) which seems the obvious candidate but it does not respond to the usual tapping thumping etc.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • There's one on a green candle.
    One on a gray relief to the right of the Gold King.
    One on a golden column.
    One on a green well.

    There are some pages on that tapestry but you can't get them until you've found the four above. They have a different purpose.

  • Thanks again for your help

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